continuing his studies realizes a 'cosmetic  company that today is one of Italian excellence in the cosmetic market.
A charm man,  highly charismatic, a lovable conversationalist that bewitch men and women with his wit tells his stories appasionate through its fragrances. The fragrances represent for him an old dream realized after careful training, so in 2010 the first collection of four   fragrances for a Canadian Designer. This collection is the beginning   of a series of masterpieces donated to the world . Masterpieces of poetry, imagination but related to the history.

Giovanni Festa eclectic character leaves to write his story to those who meet him and are captured  . The continued enthusiasm for new knowledge and experience make him engaging and seductive.
Since childhood, he had great aspirations, was willing to work hard and do whatever it takes to meet his needs. His intelligence and his strength of character grant him leadership that manifests early in life, just 16 years while 

Original olfactory creations composing the collection "Aulentissima"  which through its fragrances depict how dream and reality fuse  together in an imprinting trace ....  its fragrances narrate the fate of thwarted love... depicts gardens of summers in rainbow clouds and revisit evoking memories that stop time that suddenly is   restarted with a disruptive force giving shape and image to the  deepest feelings of the soul.